Formulas and rates

For each activity, we propose three formulas each with its special tarif rate.
If you are booking several different activities, we will try our best to ensure thet take place in different sights so as to offer different scenery, rock types and level of difficulty.

In your interest, the choice of sites is made such that according to the time of day, we are in the sun in winter and more in the shade in summer.

All gear needed is supplied. If you wish to climmb with your own equipment, we check it if necessary.The wearing of the helmet is mandatory throughout the course of the activity.

Private lessons or outings

 For those who want an exclusive service. We take from 1 to 3 people at decreasing rates. The instructor is all yours.

Collective lessons or outings

For those which wish to join to other participants to obtain a better price. If there are not registrations enough (min. 4), the activity may be maintained at an individual rate to avoid cancellation.


This apply for a booking for at least eight people (one booking, one name, one paiement, minimum 8 people).

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