Terms and conditions

Please read these general terms and conditions before booking activities at La Corditelle.
  • Full payment of the service is done before departure. The accepted means of payment are cash, check, bank transfer. Please note that there is no ATM in Aiguines or Chateaudouble.
  • We do not transport our customers, they go and return to the place of practice by their own means and under their own responsibility.
  • During climbing sessions, the activity begins and ends at the planned meeting point. The return time is given as an indication.
  • For other type of activities, the service ends when all participants have reached the arrival point provided by the planned itinerary.
  • However, the climbing instructor can at any time modify the contents, shorten it, cancel it or change the itinerary if he considers that the security conditions are not or no longer met.
  • All equipment necessary for the smooth running of the activity is made available to customers during the duration of the service: helmet, harness, cord, lanyards, carabiners, belay, ropes, etc. Any material that is not returned in good condition for any reason will be charged at the cost of the replacement value.
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